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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Camryn and she loved the colorful, sticky, stretchy stuff we call Slime. Camryn has been obsessed with making slime, playing with it, and watching slime videos on repeat for years. Her passion combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of her brothers, Aaden and Jackson, turned into what we now know as Camryn's Slime Shoppe (aka CSS). When the world was flipped upside down by a global pandemic, these kids thought of a way to turn frowns into smiles.

Camryn told her parents that slime helped her to relax and in general just gave her a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. Camryn wanted others to feel the same calmness in case they were also feeling sad or anxious due to their "norm" being stripped away from them overnight. The "normal" summer of camps and vacations were replaced by numerous at home learning activities/projects and virtual camps. Through a combination of these things and faith, homemade slime quickly changed from just a hobby to a business in August of 2020.

Camryn's Slime Shoppe creates quality slime for those who want to spread positivity and hope around the world. The CSS vision is to provide a sensory experience to develop mindfulness and to encourage creativity. Also, Camryn loves giving back by donating a portion of her quarterly proceeds to causes supporting kids in STEM/STEAM, the homeless, education and MORE.

At Camryn's Slime Shoppe, slime is more than just a noun. Camryn wants you to BE S.L.I.M.E. - Savvy, Loving, Innovative, Mindful, & Empowered.

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